If you’ve found your way to this blog, chances are you’re a busy practicing physician. You love what you do, you work hard, and you try to keep pace with your area of practice. You’re almost certainly under pressure to see more patients in less time and are also likely frustrated by paperwork, the changing regulatory environment, and the burgeoning requirements for CME and Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Achieving work-life balance seems a distant goal.

Recognizing these frustrations, our team at NEJM Group set out to create a truly innovative and ongoing educational solution that would make several of these requirements and challenges a bit easier. We were particularly intrigued by an emerging technology called adaptive learning that provides a personalized, efficient learning experience.

Adaptive learning optimizes each person’s learning and study time by focusing them on the specific areas they most need to work on. We recognized a large potential benefit in harnessing this technology to help physicians easily keep their knowledge sharp, both for board exams and throughout their long, productive medical careers.

We’ve designed NEJM Knowledge+ to help you:

  • Continually self-assess across a broad range of medical knowledge and specialties.
  • Sharpen metacognitive skills so you can always be aware of your particular strengths and weaknesses.
  • Extract as much value as possible from the medical learning you undertake, leveraging for professional confidence, advancement, CME, and MOC all at the same time.
  • Fit ongoing medical learning more easily into your daily life.
  • Make optimal use of convenient and ubiquitous mobile technology (laptops, tablets, smartphones) for medical learning.

NEJM Knowledge+

This launch of NEJM Knowledge+ marks the beginning of an all-new and different approach to lifelong medical learning. The new approach is comprised of several components:

  • A question serving engine that adapts to each user based on extensive research into how people learn and remember
  • Content that has been widely sourced and exhaustively vetted by leading specialists, experts in medical education, and internal medicine generalists who are very active both clinically and academically
  • Advanced computing and mobile technology

The content in NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review is mapped to the ABIM exam blueprint and nine other key parameters (such as location of care, decision focus, and competency category) to ensure that it is simultaneously relevant and comprehensive for practicing internists.

The content was written by more than 200 physicians from 17 programs across the country and was subjected to a rigorous editorial process that included review by highly respected professional educators, leading experts in 16 medical specialties, internal medicine generalists, and NEJM Group editors. You can be sure that what you’re learning in NEJM Knowledge+ is completely accurate, up-to-date, and evidence-based.

Unlike other medical learning solutions, which emphasize reading, study, or lectures leading up to questions and practice exams, NEJM Knowledge+ emphasizes continuous self-assessment with multiple question formats followed by detailed feedback, a system to help you retain what you learn, and sophisticated performance assessment and tracking to help you easily, systematically, and consistently make the best choices for how to spend your valuable time.

Explore and Share

At NEJM Group, our mission is to meet the rapidly growing demand for essential medical information and to disseminate that content in ways that advance medical learning, knowledge, and patient care. With a range of tools designed to make continuous learning efficient, effective, and engaging — while at the same time making it easier to respond to increasing regulatory and certification requirements — NEJM Knowledge+ speaks directly to that goal.

We invite you to explore this site thoroughly and discover more about adaptive learning technology, about the specific features of NEJM Knowledge+, and all that went into building this new solution. If you would like to sample content from NEJM Knowledge+, we encourage you to sign up to receive our complimentary Question of the Week by email.

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