NEJM Knowledge+ for Internal Medicine Residency Programs: Efficient, Effective, Engaging

Looking for a powerful learning solution to help internal medicine residents prepare for In-Training Examinations (ITEs) and initial certification? With an adaptive platform that’s ideally suited to the needs of residency programs, NEJM Knowledge+ is relied on by more than 5,000 residents at over 500 programs across the United States and around the world.

Beyond Board Review: Active Learning for Internal Medicine Residents

NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review is developed by and for internal medicine physicians. The adaptive learning platform allows internal medicine residents to learn at their own pace, strengthening their critical thinking and metacognitive skills.

Our evidence-based, gold-standard content:

  • Undergoes continuous review and updates by educators in the field of internal medicine
  • Includes a comprehensive question bank with content based on ABIM blueprints
  • Meets the exacting standards you’ve come to trust and expect
  • Contains links to high-value educational resources and expertly-chosen content for further study

Innovative Features for Residency Programs

With its digital format, extensive question bank, and robust reporting, NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review is the right solution for your residency program:

  • Effective prep for certification exams: our adaptive learning platform accelerates proficiency by identifying strengths and weaknesses and adapting to each resident’s pace and needs
  • Useful adjunct to clinical rotations: detailed feedback and resources with each question include links to high-value educational articles from NEJM and other relevant journals, including access to hundreds of review articles, cases, and guidelines
  • Robust analytics: NEJM Knowledge+ offers reporting by individual and by program, allowing residency program directors to get the details on each resident’s progress, as well as the big picture view of the residency program’s effectiveness, so you can spot and fix potential problems
  • Over 4,500 questions, based on more than 2,700 learning objectives: our comprehensive question bank alleviates the need for residency program staff to develop questions
  • Custom quiz capability: allows program directors to create custom quizzes for residents
  • 100% digital format: our mobile platform allows residents to learn wherever they are, while residency programs monitor residents’ usage and progress
  • Integrated access to NEJM Resident 360 at no additional charge. This content-rich offering supports your residents’ learning and board review with an overview of the basics, as well as expertly-chosen resources that provide the foundational information they need. Learners can link to the appropriate NEJM Resident 360 Rotation Guides from within the NEJM Knowledge+ Score Report, for easy access to resources for remediation as they review their performance.
    • Fast Facts within each specialty provide a quick reference to the essential information residents should know before they begin a rotation – including useful tables, figures, and research summaries
    • Landmark clinical trials, reviews, guidelines, and additional articles in core specialties – all carefully curated from NEJM and other respected sources – give residents the foundational information they need to succeed
    • Procedure Videos to show residents how, or refresh their memory, with such topics as “Placement of an Arterial Line” and “Central Venous Catheterization”

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