There has never been a solution for lifelong learning and board review quite like NEJM Knowledge+. It is the most efficient, engaging, and effective way to learn and prepare for your board exam or longitudinal assessment, assess and improve your clinical knowledge, and enhance the quality of your practice.

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NEJM Knowledge+ Adaptive Learning Platform

Engineered to meet each learner’s individual needs, NEJM Knowledge+ Board Review uses comprehensive adaptive learning technology to personalize your experience and adjust to your unique knowledge strengths and deficits. Our adaptive learning algorithm ensures that you waste no time preparing for your board exam or longitudinal assessment because it pinpoints exactly what you need to learn.

NEJM Knowledge+ offers:

  • Relevant, peer-reviewed content
  • Continuing education credits in a variety of disciplines and fields
  • Robust, personalized reporting
  • An adaptive learning solution that identifies knowledge gaps and focuses on where you need the most review
  • Two practice exams so you’ll be ready for test day
  • Mobile and desktop access for anywhere, anytime learning

Do you know what you know — and what you don’t know?

Because research shows that physicians often have challenges in identifying their own knowledge gaps, NEJM Knowledge+ asks how confident you are about your responses as you answer board review questions. The adaptive learning engine then progressively and systematically tailors your experience based on how your confidence level matches your performance, your actual performance, and numerous other data points.

NEJM Knowledge+ Features

Two Practice Exams

Each program has two practice exams that contain questions just like the ones on the board exams. Our practice exams are timed to simulate the board exam experience to help you sharpen your test-taking strategies, practice answering questions efficiently and correctly within time limits, and gain the confidence you need to be successful. The practice exams in NEJM Knowledge+ Board Review also allow you to see where you stand before exam day and compare your performance to that of your peers.

Credits Center — Your Dashboard for Earned Credits and Points

When you use NEJM Knowledge+ Board Review you earn CME credits along with ABIM MOC points, AAFP Prescribed credits, ABP MOC points, or AAPA Self-Assessment credits by answering questions correctly. (The points and credits you earn are determined by the specialty you purchase.)

Practice Sets

Practice Sets put you in the driver’s seat to maximize your time. You can create your own sets of questions by topic, a few topics, or across all topics to review material you haven’t seen yet and questions you previously answered incorrectly.


Detailed reports allow you to view your performance by topic within each learning module and by practice dimension, such as age or chronicity. Each of these reports shows your progress, learning objectives remaining, and estimated time remaining. Review reports to compare your actual performance with the confidence level you selected in answering questions. This helps to build metacognitive skills, so you are more aware of when you are over or under confident.

Anywhere, Anytime Learning and Board Review

Use NEJM Knowledge+ wherever and whenever you want to fit learning into your busy life. Our products work seamlessly on desktop or mobile devices, and our questions and question feedback are perfect for learning on the go on any screen. You can answer as many questions as you like each time you log into the platform, giving you the flexibility to advance your knowledge in bite-sized increments or longer dedicated learning sessions.

Board Review and Longitudinal Assessment Questions

NEJM Knowledge+ Board Review questions are developed with the high-level standards you expect. Questions are created through our rigorous editorial process by experts at the top of their field and are then reviewed by practicing physicians like you who understand what is relevant and important today in your field of medicine. Our question banks consist of multiple-choice, single-best-answer questions like the ones on the board exam or longitudinal assessments and are mapped to your specialty’s blueprint.

And like the longitudinal assessments—ABIM LKA, ABFM FMCLA, or ABP MOCA-PedsNEJM Knowledge+ Board Review questions come with detailed feedback and relevant resources that will help you expand your medical knowledge, enhance your critical thinking, and improve your self awareness about what you know and don’t know. Our question banks are designed to help you become not only a better practitioner but also a more adept learner.

How Many Questions are in NEJM Knowledge+ Board Review?

Depending on your specialty, NEJM Knowledge+ has up to 5,139 questions as of November 2022, and we continually add to our comprehensive question banks in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics. See below for the exact question counts and unique learning objectives for your specialty.

NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review

  • 2,139 Unique Learning Objectives
  • 5,130 Peer Reviewed Questions

NEJM Knowledge+ Family Medicine Board Review

  • 2,089 Unique Learning Objectives
  • 4,980 Peer Reviewed Questions

NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review

  • 986 Unique Learning Objectives
  • 2,280 Peer Reviewed Questions

Discover the Learning Solution that Meets your Needs

NEJM Knowledge+ Board Review is your best option for preparing for your board exam or longitudinal assessment, engaging in lifelong learning in medicine, and continually improving your practice. Follow the links below to find out more about how NEJM Knowledge+ can help you.