How We Create Content

NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review, Family Medicine Board Review, and Pediatrics Board Review products feature accessible, accurate content that reflects the real-world situations you encounter every day. In addition to the rigorous review process, our board review questions are developed with complete editorial independence.

How did we create our board review questions?

Multiple Layers of Review

Hundreds of authors and editors, all of whom are practicing physicians, take part in our meticulous editorial process.

internal medicine board review questions

  • The Founding Editor created a multidimensional series of scenarios derived from the ABMS specialty board blueprints of specialties and topics covered on the boards. Each item was then associated to be written with a defined series of patient characteristics: (age, gender), medical condition (disease, acuity), practice environments (ambulatory, intensive care, inpatient, etc.), competency and decision focus (diagnosis and therapy).
  • Next, learning objectives were matched to each scenario. These objectives represent diverse arenas of medical knowledge to ensure the content reflects the topics covered in the board exams and situations you regularly face in your practice.
  • Groups of subspecialty faculty, fellows, and residents, chosen from centers of excellence in each topic area, wrote the board review questions. They then worked with their teams and the NEJM Knowledge+ editorial staff to refine the questions.
  • Specialty section editors provided a completely independent review of each question, carefully examining questions for veracity, clarity, and relevance.
  • Reviewers — master clinicians and educators — were charged with evaluating questions for clinical relevance and verifying that the feedback was accurate and impactful.
  • Finally, the Editor, staff editors and proofreaders worked in concert to bring all of the moving parts together in a clear, concise, and accurate product.

Our editorial process ensures each question is thoroughly scrutinized during multiple layers of review. Check out this video blog post for a behind-the-scenes look at our process.

Your time is precious. Use NEJM Knowledge+ to ensure that the time you spend on lifelong learning and maintenance of certification (MOC) preparation is based on accurate, relevant, meaningful medical information you can trust.