Integrate NEJM Knowledge+ and NEJM Resident 360 into your training program

NEJM Resident 360 and NEJM Knowledge+ provide a powerful set of learning and assessment opportunities for your training program. Together, they will enrich your curricula and ease trainees through the learning process more effectively and efficiently.

There are many different ways in which program directors can incorporate these resources into their curricula — here are a few examples:

  • Assign material for clinical rotations, lectures, and more
  • Review and assess learning on selected learning objectives in the specialty or topic in multiple settings:
    • Noon lectures or academic half days
    • Remote learning sessions
    • Group board review sessions
    • Within learning plans for specific trainees or groups of trainees
  • Save time with our Quiz Center — customize your own or quickly assign one of our prepared quizzes

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NEJM Resident 360

Foundational information to help trainees prepare for rotations, delivered in a structured framework designed for today’s learners. This comprehensive resource saves faculty time, providing easy access to trusted, relevant content.

  • Rotation Prep — carefully curated overviews of clinical rotation topics in Adult and Pediatric Medicine
    • Foundational information in one place, organized by topic with access to landmark clinical trials, review articles, guidelines, and more
    • Fast Facts — original content including abstracts, tables, figures, and research summaries; provides quick and helpful overviews of key topics
    • Exclusively available with an NEJM Knowledge+ subscription
  • Skills — educational and interactive tools to sharpen diagnostic skills, featuring the Interactive Learning Resources guide, which presents medical cases based on a real patient’s experience with illness, and learning elements covering specific topics, such as eosinophilia or acid-base disorders.
  • Literature — resources that summarize, explain, and put research into context including videos, blog posts and the Curbside Consults podcast – which takes a deep dive into key clinical topics with expert clinicians and educators.
  • Work & Life — insights and guidance on professional development, career decisions and managing life outside of work, covering topics such as patient communication, transitioning from trainee to teacher, applying to fellowship, and more.

NEJM Knowledge+

Comprehensive question banks and assessment tools powered by the most efficient and effective adaptive learning technology.

  • Detailed reporting and assessment — track trainee progress and metacognitive skills; quickly identify and focus on knowledge gaps
  • Custom quizzes — faculty can create quizzes on assigned readings, didactic lectures, upcoming rotations, and much more
  • NEJM Resident 360 prepared quizzes — assign readings from Rotation Prep and assess the learning
  • Clinically relevant, evidence-based content — help trainees efficiently prepare for in-training exams, initial certification, and real-world clinical decision-making
  • Personalized learning — adaptive algorithm adjusts study material based on strengths and weaknesses, ensuring trainees don’t spend time covering what they’ve already mastered

NEJM Knowledge+ and NEJM Resident 360 provide high-quality, easy-to-implement integrated learning resources and tools to save you time and keep your residents on track. Learn more — Contact us at or fill out the form below.