Family Medicine Board Exam Preparation

In order to help you succeed, we’ve provided you with a quick guide for preparing for and taking the family medicine board exam.

Family Medicine Board Exam Format

The family medicine board exam is composed of multiple-choice questions that assess knowledge and problem-solving ability. The exam is divided into four sections, each containing 80 questions, with 100 minutes allotted for each. Effective with the April 2017 certification exam, the second section consists of a single module, selected by the candidate, which contains 40 multiple-choice questions, plus 40 questions that cover the breadth of Family Medicine..For the modular portion, candidates choose from among eight content-specific modules.

What to Expect the Day of the Exam

The family medicine board exam is a one-day exam, offered in computer format only at Prometric testing centers.

  1. Plan to arrive 30 minutes early for registration and ID verification.
  2. You cannot bring personal items (e.g., mobile phones, pagers, watches, purses, bags, books, etc.) into the exam room. If you cannot leave such items at home or in your car, you can store them in secure lockers at the exam location.
  3. Each workstation is equipped with a small whiteboard and marker for notes and prep work as you take the exam.
  4. There will be other examinees using the testing center at the same time, many taking other types of examinations. Ear plugs or headphones are provided on request.
  5. The family medicine board exam is broken out into sections. Once you complete and submit each section of the exam (or time is ended) you may not revisit the section.
  6. Several optional breaks are scheduled throughout the day, with 100 minutes of pooled break time: you may choose to take all of the breaks, part of the breaks, or none at all.

The Family Medicine Board Exam Schedule

The entire exam day, from instructions to completion of the exam and survey, takes nine hours.

Registration, Seating, Rules, Instructions: 45 minutes

Section 1:

  • 80 multiple-choice questions
  • 100 minutes

Optional first break: 15 minutes

Section 2:

  • 80 multiple-choice questions
    • 40 questions on selected module
    • 40 questions across family medicine
  • 100 minutes

Section 3:

  • Second elective topic module
  • 45 multiple-choice questions
  • 45 minutes

Optional second break: 70 minutes (as this break occurs following the end of the morning session, candidates typically take it as a lunch break)

Section 4:

  • 80 multiple-choice questions
  • 100 minutes

Optional third break: 15 minutes

Section 5:

  • 80 multiple-choice questions
  • 100 minutes

Exam Survey: 15 minutes