As a pediatrician seeking to provide outstanding patient care, there’s so much you need to learn, know, and remember. More important still, you need to be certain of what you truly know and where your knowledge is less complete. That’s why we created NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review — the most engaging and efficient method to grow and maintain your clinical knowledge, prepared for board exams, and improve your practice of pediatrics medicine.

Relevant, Gold-Standard Content Backed by Experts

NEJM Knowledge+ offers you an innovative adaptive learning solution with peer-reviewed content you can count on. The NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review question bank and practice exams reflect the ABP content outline and the real-world challenges you face in your pediatrics practice.

Pediatrics Board Review offers you the most accurate and relevant topics, questions, and resources:

  • Created and rigorously reviewed by a panel of pediatricians from leading medical centers, as well as dozens of subspecialty expert reviewers.
  • Evidence-based, with links to further reading from many sources, including guidelines, review articles, cases, and original research.
  • Carefully reviewed and edited by pediatricians who are not only educators but active clinicians with firsthand knowledge of the day-to-day challenges of pediatric medicine.

A Learning Program That Adapts to Your Study Needs

How do you know what you know — and what you don’t know? NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review uses adaptive learning technology to quickly assess the subjects you know well while identifying the areas where you need reinforcement. Using this information, the program is able to provide more review in your weak areas and fewer questions in areas you’ve already mastered. This intelligent system also offers an opportunity for a learning “Refresh” to help prevent memory decay. Adaptive learning results in a more efficient use of your time, and a more effective mode of study.

Developed in partnership with Area9 Learning, a global leader in adaptive learning, our solution is the first in the field to incorporate this emerging technology that was built using the best evidence on how people absorb and retain knowledge.

Conveniently Earn MOC Points & CME Credits While You Learn

Pediatrics Board Review offers you full credit for the time and effort that you commit to your professional development, allowing you to earn ABP MOC Part 2 points and accumulate AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. With our reporting feature, you can keep track of the credit you earn as you earn it. Plus, your MOC Part 2 points will be automatically delivered to ABP through ACCME’s PARS system.

Get the Feedback You Need to Continuously Improve

Pediatrics Board Review tracks and reports your progress and performance so that you’ll be able to:

  • Set your goals for study, along with timelines for achieving specific milestones.
  • Find out how you’re performing and — if you’re working toward a clear goal — whether you’re on schedule to succeed.
  • Identify which areas you’re finding most challenging, as well as which topics within each specialty need more focus.
  • Define the learning objectives you need to work on.
  • Determine your level of confidence with the information.

And because the reports display your results by discipline, decision focus, patient age, location, and urgency of care, you’ll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses more accurately. This means you can approach your exam and clinical duties with true confidence. Plus, your MOC Part 2 points will be automatically delivered to ABP through ACCME’s PARS system.

Take Practice Exams to Build Your Confidence

NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review offers two practice exams — another way to measure your performance and help you prepare for your exam. The practice test questions are designed to align with ABP exam questions and to present common, relevant, and challenging clinical scenarios.

Here’s how NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review practice exams prepare you for your actual exam:

  • Each exam offers 40 questions in a timed 50-minute online test that mirrors the format of the boards, so you’ll be ready for the real thing.
  • A pause feature allows you to step away if you need a break or need to turn your attention elsewhere.
  • Once you complete the exam you will see:
    • How you performed in each focus area
    • How your performance compared with others
    • Key learning points
    • Detailed feedback and citations
  • You can use the practice exams at any point in your ABP exam preparation, depending on how you work best — it’s up to you!
    • Use the exam before you begin preparing, to evaluate and direct where you want to start learning.
    • Try the practice exam after initial studying, to assess yourself partway through the learning.
    • Use the practice exam at the end of your preparation, to get your timing down the week before your boards.
  • Compare your results with those of your peers.

Learn on Your Schedule — Whenever & Wherever You Like

NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review does more than adapt to your performance and learning needs — it adapts to your lifestyle. The format of bite-size sections of questions, as opposed to large chapters and reviews, allows you to fit board review in anytime — even when you only have a moment.

With mobile-friendly options, NEJM Knowledge+ Pediatrics Board Review also allows you to study whenever and wherever you want, whether you’re on the go or just taking advantage of a quick minute between patients. You can use Pediatrics Board Review on your mobile device to enjoy this the functionality on the go.