Tips for Intern Survival

Editor’s Note: This post about intern survival was previously published in Insights on Residency Training, which is hosted by the New England Journal of Medicine and NEJM Journal Watch. Ahmad Yousaf, MD,  is the 2015-16 Ambulatory Chief Resident in Internal Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School....
| October 15th, 2015| Residency| 5 Comments|

The Nature of the Beast — Resident In-Training Exams

What Are In-Training Exams? In-training exams have been designed to assess residents’ progress in training. Two such tests are the American Board of Family Medicine In-Training Examination (ABFM-ITE) and the Internal Medicine In-Training Examination (IM-ITE). The ABFM-ITE is given annually during the last week of October and...
| July 16th, 2015| Family Medicine| 2 Comments|

Internal Medicine Certification Exam: Your Residency as a Study Tool

While you juggle third-year residency and plan your next career step, “study for boards” may drop to the bottom of your to-do list, despite its importance. Then, as the year winds down and the date looms for your internal medicine certification exam, many third-year residents feel overwhelmed...
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