Hepatitis C treatment has been changing at a pace almost too rapid for the average physician to keep up with. Until recently, HCV treatment required weekly interferon injections plus oral ribavirin for up to a year and was effective in only about half of patients with genotype 1. During the past 2 years, however, several highly effective, fast-acting, all-oral, interferon-free regimens have been approved, raising the possibility of eradicating HCV in many patients. When should these treatments be offered? Which regimens are best for which patients? And what about the exorbitant cost of these new regimens?

On Monday, June 8, the NEJM Group Open Forum, powered by Medstro, will launch a 10-day online clinical case discussion called “NEJM Knowledge+ Clinical Cases: Treating Hepatitis C.” We’ll kick off the discussion with a compelling HCV case from NEJM Knowledge+ and then open up the floor for a series of HCV case presentations. Read what your peers are saying and join the discussion!