Looking for more ways to increase the effectiveness of your board review? We’ve assembled a number of resources with information on learning, learning science, and learning styles.

Board Review Resources from the Learning+ Blog

General Resources on Learning Science & Styles

How Doctors Learn: Physicians’ Self-Directed Learning Episodes (PDF): Physicians need to keep learning to stay ahead in their field, but many may not be getting the continuing education they need. Dr. H.B. Slotnick examines how doctors learn in this Academic Medicine research report.

Continuing Medical Education Effect on Clinical Outcomes:  Is CME effective?

15 Steps to Cultivate Lifelong Learning: Find out how you can instill a habit of learning throughout your lifetime.

Understanding Your Learning Preference: This article and video examine Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Barbara Soloman’s index of learning styles.

Adult Learning: Andragogy, or the study of adult learning, uses many methods and strategies to help adults learn. This overview of andragogy looks at some of the leading theories and the evolution of the field as a whole. (Scroll down for tables and strategies.)

Blooms Taxonomy According to Seinfeld: A humorous look at learning theory as demonstrated in the sitcom Seinfeld.