Study Groups are a fun and effective way to get ready for your board exam or any high-stakes test.

Study Group Guide — Collaborate with Colleagues to Pass the Boards

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How to Start a Study Group

To help you create, facilitate, and participate in a successful study group for board review, we’ve created our Study Group Guide—5 Tips for Success, so you can collaborate to prepare for and PASS the board exam. The guide includes everything you need to know to get your study group off the ground including:

  • Setting Expectations
  • Selecting the Right Members
  • Establishing Goals and Measuring Achievement
  • Facilitating Online Study Groups
  • Promoting Study Group Engagement

Benefits of Group Study

Study groups:

  • Allow members to leverage the academic strengths of their peers
  • Motivate members and inspire productivity
  • Create accountability
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Make studying more fun

Download the Guide today so you can team up with your colleagues to pass the board exam!