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  • Our Family of Products Is Growing and Improving

    NEJM Knowledge+ saves you time and sets you up for success with an engaging, efficient, lifelong learning experience. With content that is clinically relevant, based on best available evidence, comprehensive for board review, and free from commercial influence.

    NEW!Family Medicine Board Review

    • Explore an extensive question bank reflecting your boards’ blueprints
    • Earn AAFP Prescribed credit
    • Earn AAPA Self-Assessment CME credit

    Learn more.

    Improved!Internal Medicine Board Review

    • View additional reporting on practice dimensions such as age and clinical setting
    • Use on Android devices
    • Search for questions you’ve answered previously

    Learn more.

  • Features You’ll Love

    Gold-Standard Content

    Mapping the best evidence to your board’s exam blueprint and the real-world situations you face. Learn more.

    Adaptive Learning

    A personalized, efficient learning experience that improves your knowledge retention. Learn more.

    MOC, CME & More

    Meet many of your MOC and CME requirements with this one tool. Learn more.

    Tracking & Reporting

    See your progress and performance across more than 100 topics. Learn more.

    Practice Exams

    Get your timing down and your confidence up with two timed practice exams. Learn more.

    Mobile Platform

    Learning that fits your lifestyle. Use your iPhone or iPad to study on the go. Learn more.

  • The Best Solution for Lifelong Learning & Board Review
    NEJM Knowledge+ combines gold-standard content with the most efficient, engaging and effective way to help you learn, improve the quality of your practice and prepare for board exams.
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    Exploring Exam Blueprints – Family Medicine

    Once you have met the application requirements, you must take the ABFM exam to become certified or recertified by the American Board of Family Medicine. The ABFM exam is designed to test your medical...
    February 26, 2015
    NEJM Knowledgeplus Family Medicine Board Review Dashboard

    Announcing NEJM Knowledge+ Family Medicine Board Review

    We’re proud to announce the launch of NEJM Knowledge+ Family Medicine Board Review. This program is designed to meet the continuous learning and board exam review needs of family medicine...
    February 19, 2015
    Choosing Your Self-Selected ABFM Modules for Recertification

    Choosing Your Self-Selected ABFM Modules for Recertification

    In addition to the general part of the exam covered by the ABFM blueprint, the ABFM certification/recertification exam contains eight modules, or areas of focus, from the family medicine field. When...
    February 15, 2015
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