Robust Reporting Provides Actionable Insights

Many learning programs promise results, but how do you know if they deliver? How do you know if residents are using those programs? Can you tell if they’re learning what they need to know?

NEJM Knowledge+ offers robust reporting, allowing program directors to review data at both the individual and program level and gain insight into individual and group progress, performance, proficiency, and metacognition. The reports provide useful data to identify at-risk performers, highlight areas of clinical knowledge and areas for remediation, and measure overall program performance and confidence.

Program Level Analytics

Program level reporting allows program directors and faculty to view progress and performance across the program. NEJM Knowledge+ program reporting includes:

  • Usage by individual
  • Progress in each specialty and topic
  • Exam performance
  • Metacognition (confidence vs. performance)
  • Reports by post-graduate year
  • Performance by learning objective

Educator Reports Dashboard

Individual Level Reports

Individual level reporting helps to bolster clinical knowledge and identify strengths and weaknesses, allowing trainees to build confidence, improve exam scores, and identify areas that need reinforcement. NEJM Knowledge+ individual reporting includes:

  • Progress in each specialty and topic
  • Exam performance
  • Confidence vs. performance reporting
  • Performance Summary report showing number of questions answered and percentage correct, metacognitive data, and links to NEJM Resident 360 rotation guides

Learner Confidence Report

Whether you have a small program at a local hospital or are part of a large university teaching hospital, you need the best tools to monitor your progress on the individual and program level. The robust reporting in NEJM Knowledge+ can help ensure that you have comprehensive, detailed, and actionable insights into the progress of your residents, trainees, and program.

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