Residency isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be quite so hard with NEJM Resident 360.

Designed specifically for residents, the latest initiative from NEJM Group gives residents the foundational information, resources, and support they need to approach their rotations — and life as a resident — with confidence.

NEJM Resident 360 was created to help residents build their knowledge base and advance their careers while connecting them with a supportive community of fellow residents as well as experts for clinical and professional insight. In one easy-to-use, mobile-optimized platform they’ll find what they need to get by — and get ahead.

Rotation Prep to Get Up to Speed Fast

At launch, Rotation Prep includes articles, videos, images, guidelines, and more in 14 specialties that are common to the internal medicine core curriculum. NEJM Group editorial staff, fellows, and specialists curated the most important and relevant content from NEJM Group and other respected journals to help residents build foundational knowledge that supplements their day-to-day learning.

“Fast Facts” within each rotation guide provide a quick refresher in each of the rotation’s subtopics to the essential information residents should know before beginning the rotation — including useful tables, figures, and research summaries.

Landmark clinical trials, reviews, guidelines, and additional articles in core internal medicine specialties — all carefully curated from the New England Journal of Medicine and other respected journals — give residents the foundational information they need to succeed.

Videos from NEJM Group show residents how to perform procedures — with topics such as “Placement of an Arterial Line” and “Central Venous Catheterization.”

Each rotation guide provides several multiple-choice questions mapped to the topics within the guide. The questions, from NEJM Knowledge+, include a key learning point, detailed feedback, and citations. Members can save their answers for future review or clear their answers to test themselves again at a future time.

NEJM Resident 360 Rotation Prep

Resources to Get By — And Get Ahead.

NEJM Resident 360 aims to provide professional guidance on successfully managing career — and life — taking into account the time constraints of the busy resident.

“Learning Lab” offers a variety of features designed to assist in residents’ clinical learning. NEJM Quick Take videos summarize the key findings of research articles. Insights posts provide an overview of the results and their clinical significance. “Ask the Authors” discussions give you the opportunity to engage with the researchers to discuss their work. You’ll also find an archive of “Clinical Pearls & Morning Reports” blog posts, discussing the clinical findings published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Tips from this blog, Learning+, will help residents become aware of the latest in learning science and plan the best way to study for exams and improve knowledge retention for better patient care.

“Resident Life” offers information and inspiration through blogs, podcasts, and discussions. “Successes and Saves” will feature real cases submitted by residents to NEJM Resident 360, and posts from “Insights on Residency Training” will highlight notes from five chief residents in family and internal medicine.

“Career” provides guidance on topics such as negotiating a contract, managing medical education debt, and more. You will find NEJM Career Center jobs widget along with posts and articles about managing your career.

Connections to People Who Get You

NEJM Resident 360 offers podcasts, blogs, and discussions just for residents. Discussions include  popular topics such as resident burnout, managing medical school debt, and more.

NEJM Resident 360 Discussion

Access to NEJM Resident 360

Learning Lab, Resident Lounge, and Career are available free of charge. We encourage you to begin by creating a free profile in order to comment on discussions; access to Rotation Prep requires both a profile/account at NEJM Resident 360 and an active online subscription to any NEJM Group product as an individual or via a site license (such as through a university or institution). Once you have linked your profile to a subscription, you unlock the premium content.

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