Airway Manager on NEJM Knowledge+ is an online adaptive learning program that combines the gold-standard airway management education of The Difficult Airway Course with leading-edge adaptive learning technology. The smart technology behind the Airway Manager™ program makes it the most efficient, engaging and effective way to master and retain airway management knowledge while earning CME credits.

Developed through a collaboration between NEJM Group and Airway Management Education Center, the Airway Manager program is written by leading faculty of The Difficult Airway Course, so you can be sure it presents the same rigorous, evidence-based approach to difficult airway management.

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Tailored to You

Airway Manager on NEJM Knowledge+ utilizes smart technology that adapts to the user’s learning goals, pace and gaps in knowledge — continuously tailoring the experience to your specific educational needs…avoiding time wasted on content you have already mastered.

At Your Convenience

Airway Manager on NEJM Knowledge+ is designed to fit into your busy schedule. Access the Airway Manager program wherever you are via our website on your desktop, laptop or mobile device. The Airway Manager program is designed to go at your pace, whether you have 10 minutes between patients or 2 hours at home.

Introducing Airway Manager: Emergency™

Designed for emergency physicians and beneficial for all clinicians who manage emergency airways, the Airway Manager: Emergency™ program covers topics including:

  • Principles of Airway Management
  • Emergency Airway Algorithms
  • Airway Anatomy & Physiology
  • Oxygenation
  • Rapid Sequence Intubation

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