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How Do You Approach a Patient with Suspected Bacterial Meningitis?

In NEJM Knowledge+ Internal Medicine Board Review, we have a number of questions about managing patients with suspected bacterial meningitis, and these tend to generate comments from our learners. How do you balance the need to give antibiotics rapidly with the time needed to obtain required diagnostic...
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Asking Pediatric Patients About Drug Use

Editor’s Note: This post was previously published in In Practice which is hosted by the New England Journal of Medicine and NEJM Journal Watch. I remember the very first time I obtained an adolescent HEADSSS assessment in graduate school (HEADSSS being the acronym for Home environment, Education...
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NEJM Knowledge+ Clinical Cases: Treating Hep C

Hepatitis C treatment has been changing at a pace almost too rapid for the average physician to keep up with. Until recently, HCV treatment required weekly interferon injections plus oral ribavirin for up to a year and was effective in only about half of patients with genotype...
| June 8th, 2015| NEJM Knowledge+| 2 Comments|