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If you’re studying for a Certification or Maintenance of Certification exam, we don’t want you to feel like you’re on your own. Besides creating NEJM Knowledge+, we offer a variety of resources to help make exam preparation more productive and enjoyable — and exam day a success.


What’s Your Study Style?

Understanding your study style is the first step in putting together an effective strategy for board review. In investigating how physicians study, we have identified three basic styles: Planner, Crammer, and Episodic Studier. We then created a study guide corresponding to each of these categories.

Get more details about these study styles and download a study guide with useful strategies for learners like you. Find out more.

Best Learning Practices

Discover how NEJM Knowledge+ incorporates the latest science to enhance board review and lifelong learning. Learn More.

Ten Study Tips

What does it take to prepare successfully for the board exam? Here are a few tips to help with your studying efforts. Learn More.

More Board Review Resources

If you’re looking for even more board review resources, we’ve compiled some of our favorites right here.

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